In the area of education, technology is yet again of great benefit to society in many ways.

The Internet is one such way. The Internet is a vast source of information that is accessible from almost anywhere on the planet. It is a seemingly never-ending resource that can be used for good especially when used for educational purposes. As we all know the Internet comes with its fair share of dangers, and a knowledge of how to use the Internet safely is a necessity in today’s world. However, the positives far outweigh the negatives.

The Internet gives people the opportunity to educate themselves, and all from the comfort of their own home if they wish. It allows us to be able to learn as much as we want about what we want. For example, if you were interested in a subject or course that your school or college does not cover, you could take it upon yourself to teach yourself through your own online research or by signing up to an online course, either for free or for a set fee. As is the helpful and cooperative nature of the majority of those who use the Internet, help is easy to find. Through the use of online forums or other websites users can post questions and get immediate responses. Another obvious benefit of the Internet is connectivity. This allows students to interact with their teachers or other educational professionals even though they may not be geographically near. All in all the Internet is making the entire education process a lot faster and more open, which is a major benefit.

Computers In Education

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In classrooms interactive boards and the availability of computers to students are allowing for a new way of teaching that is much more interactive than traditional methods. With the integration of tablet PCs into the classroom in recent years this adds further possibilities for interactive learning. This allows for more effective learning as the students get to engage in the learning process instead of traditionally just struggling to stay concentrated on listening to their teacher.

Personalised learning is another trend that has arisen as a result of technology in education, mainly through the use of the Internet. The basis for this is that individuals can learn at their own level of understanding and at their own pace. The aim of personalised learning is to encourage students to be more responsible for their own learning, to be more independent and to give students the opportunity to learn in ways that suit their individual learning styles.

Although technology designed for educational use is still in its relatively early stages, it is clear that it is having a major positive impact. Evidence of its positive impact is how education is beginning to rely on the Internet. This once again emphasises the power of technology and that technology will be integrated into all areas where it is of benefit. Just think of the possibilities!


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CoderDojo is a non-for-profit organisation started in 2011 that has realised the importance of technology in education. They describe themselves as “a global collaboration providing free and open learning to young people, especially in programming technology”. They run free non-for-profit coding clubs and regular coding sessions across the world, all set up and ran by volunteers, with the aim to give young people the opportunity to learn how to code. It makes learning to code fun and sociable for young people, allowing them to both make new friends and to develop everything from websites and programs to games and apps. It gives young people a foothold in the programming world which enables them to continue learning and to use this knowledge to potentially go on to create their own apps or online businesses, for example. The creative problem-solving skills that these young people will learn from learning how to program will stand to them in their lives. The sudden rise in popularity and demand for CoderDojo, and programming in general, shows the importance of knowing how to code has in today’s world. Click here to check out where the nearest Dojo is to you and be sure to spread the word of this inspiring organisation.

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